Youmani Jérôme Lankoandé
President, Co-founder
Economist, serial entrepreneur and author of numerous works on innovation. President of the Junior Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saint-Laurent – Mount-Royal
Jonathan Burnham
Vice-President, communications and public relations
Economist, political scientist and IT translation expert. Also translated numerous Web sites, books and academic articles.
Michaelle Bouchard
Consultant, Creativity and Innovation Research Consultant.
Public policy analyst and research expert
Cliff Pavlovic
Consultant, Technology Transfer and innovation
PhD, Technology transfer and intellectual property specialist. Life sciences project management professional.
Hari Randriana
Consultant, innovation management
PhD, Technology transfer and electronics technology specialist. Innovation commercialisation professional.
Hanène Henchiri
Consultant, Financing innovation in a company and projects management
PhD, Corporate finance and management specialist. Statistics and database expert. Author of various publications.
Rafael Paez
Consultant, Information Technology and Telecommunication.
Computer engineer. Network and telecommunications expert.
Mia Benaissa
Research & Marketing Agent
Sales and marketing specialist. Technological trends and business models analyst.
Rommel Rodriguez
Consultant, Creation and online Marketing
Graphic designer, online marketing and social networks specialist. Creativity watch expert.